Act 4 Aylesbury Sunday Service

As you already know, Act4 Aylesbury officially started its activity at the beginning of January and since we’ve been through a lot of things, developing quickly a tight relationship with our Church on Fairford Leys. It is so good to know that we have the church community’s support.

Among our daily work and tasks, we decided to sneak in our Easter Assembly during one of the Sunday services. Anthony was pleased with the idea and luckily there was a 5th Sunday in March, 29th March, which is usually reserved for trying out different forms of worship. It was the perfect opportunity to show the whole church family what Act4 does and performs in primary schools.

I was a little bit nervous before the service, cause it is ok when you perform the same assembly in different schools, but it is another thing performing it before your own church family. So yeah, although I had a lot of fun and the church members gave us a very positive feedback after our performance, I really had to disguise my anxiety during those 20 minutes of show. – Beatrice.

All in all, it was an incredible service, we enjoyed the positive feedback – who wouldn’t after all? – which also gave us a boost of motivation and joy for what we do here in Aylesbury!