Act 4's new volunteers in Aylesbury

Hello everyone,

I am Dagmara Fukasová – Dadka, as my friends and family call me at home.

When speaking about home, mine is in the North of mountainous Slovakia. The country of dumplings with sheep cheese which is our traditional food, and which comes from Romanian shepherds (something I have in common with my co-volunteer Beatrice). Of course I must mention the really amiable people and beautiful nature, which I have experienced at home as well as in England, so that’s why I have felt really comfortable from the beginning here.

Although this is not my first visit to this country, it is definitely my longest visit. I see that it could be great opportunity to better acquaint myself with the people, the culture and traditions. I look forward to using and improving my English over the time I am volunteering in England, through assembly rehearsals and day to day duties.

I am especially pleased to be here in the UK in the ‘Time To Act’ Aylesbury team. I like the idea of what we are doing and how we try to spread values and faith using our different talents. Alongside Beatrice, we performed our first assembly in Aylesbury and it was fantastic to see that the children learned something new for their lives.

What about England?

I have really quickly got into the English tea!

However I can’t get used to the English weather which can change from one hour to the next, but having tea with a splash of milk, we can do it :P

For now everything is new for me and challenging but I try to enjoy every day, every smile and every person.

I am looking forward to what is next!