German Evening

As we are both volunteers from Germany, we thought, what would be more appropriate and enjoyable than organising a German evening?

This event was not only a chance to share many different aspects about our home country, but also a fundraising event for Act 4 and the European Refugee Crisis Appeal of the British Red Cross.

For many weeks we intensively prepared and gathered information on Germany's history and culture, prepared a variety of traditional dishes and created some fun activities such as a quiz and a little excursion into the German language.

The evening was a great success; nearly 50 people attended and showed their support. We received great feedback and it seemed like everybody - no matter how young or old - enjoyed the evening and appreciated the hard work and dedication we had put into our project.

We were hoping that all our efforts would pay off - and they did: We are proud to say, the evening raised £410.45.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who supported us and of course the charities that are so dear to us.