Local Community Volunteers

Become An Office Volunteer

All of the staff at Act 4 work part time, and therefore help with admin and paperwork in the office is always greatly appreciated.


Become A Volunteer Driver

Our assemblies are very interactive, including lots of drama, music, funny videos and songs. To deliver the best quality during our assemblies, we always use the best equipment, which takes up a lot of space. The Act 4 volunteers could not move all of their equipment from the office to all of their school assemblies without the help of volunteer drivers. This help is greatly appreciated and saves using money on taxis. So why not become an Act 4 Volunteer Driver?


Become A Host

We could not even imagine having Act 4 volunteers without the help of our incredible hosts. It is not only a huge adventure for the volunteers to come and live with a family for a year, but it is also an incredible experience for the host family as well. What other way to get an idea and an insight in other cultures than having an actual representative in your own house.


For more information about any of the above please contact us.