Sacrifice Assembly

As time was leading up to Easter, the topic for this half term’s assembly was Sacrifice.

The drama for this assembly shows Rabea and myself as two disciples who try to prepare everything perfectly for a King’s – Jesus’ – arrival in Jerusalem. Obviously, we only want him to be welcomed...

Women's World Day of Prayer

On the 4th March the Women’s World Day of Prayer took place in many churches all over the world. This year the service for the churches of the locality of Potters Bar was hosted by the URC in Brookmans Park.
The ladies there had been preparing this event for weeks and had been making sure...

The Lost Sheep - Messy Church

Come and join in Messy Church all about 'The Lost Sheep' on Tuesday 9th February at 3.30pm at the Brookmans Park United Reformed Church. We would love to see you all there!

Rabea's Time for God Conference

Hi guys,

Last week was a really good one for me, because I visited Wales.
Why Wales you ask? Well, not for a holiday obviously, but my volunteer organisation ‘Time for God’ had their BIG conference where all the volunteers working...

Service - The new assembly

Dear all,

after the Christmas break we started to rehearse for our third assembly, which is all about service.
For Anna and I it was a special training week, because both our families were able to come over from Germany and they could see what our work is like. So on Tuesday my...

Town Carols Project: “What is Christmas for you?”

Christmas time is over, and now is the time to recall a successful project we’ve worked on over the last two months.

Starting in November, we met up with children from a Youth Club in Oakmere at the Wayside Jubilee Centre. Over several “sessions”, we talked about what Christmas means for...

January Messy Church!

Come and join the Act 4 team at the first Messy Church of 2016, and get involved with lots of fun crafts and sharing food!

Anna and Rabea are looking forward to seeing you there!

Advent Messy Church!

Come along to our Advent Messy Church on Tuesday 8th December at 3.30 - 5pm, at the Brookmans Park United Reformed Church.

We will be making lots of Christmas crafts, including decorations and cards.

We would love to see you there! :-)

Following the footsteps of a Transylvanian

Hard work and a dose of stress really pays off when you want to pull together an amazing event.

And I have experienced again what stress and hard work feels like over the last two weeks, whilst I've been organising the very first Romanian Cultural Evening in the Church on...

Compassion is all around

Hello everyone,

I know it’s been a long time since you’ve heard anything from me; I'm sorry but the last few weeks have been really busy.

After half term we started to train for our new assembly which is all about compassion. In our performance we ask the children to take up a...