Drinking from many wells in Birmingham

Being on a journey is usually very delightful. It makes you gain a lot of experience and become aware of the incredible diversity that exists in the world around us. But does a journey necessarily mean travelling to a different place? Do you really have to get on a train or a plane, leave...

New beginning, new team, new office!

On Saturday we celebrated 1 month since Pauline's arrival in UK and stepping up for the challenge of being an Act 4 volunteer for a year. But honestly I can tell you, this entire month felt like a constant celebration of smaller things and events, each one of them bringing some joy into our...

Good morning!

Good morning!

Having heard these two little words over and over again during the past two weeks, I automatically read them in Rabea’s voice in my head. But more to that later.

This year, Rabea and I will be following in Elise’s and Johann’s footsteps and try to “equip children to...

Welcome to our new volunteers!


(from left to right)

Aylesbury Team:

Wow, I have actually made it to the UK. Even if I have always wanted to, I still cannot believe that I am really going to spend a year in...

Thank you to all from the Aylesbury team!

"We are busy busy, busy always, shopping, talking, working away, but all that God wants us to do each day, is to STOP and listen to him."

And what a great advice!!! Only the Act 4 Aylesbury team knows how busy our last three weeks were! And even though we weren't busy with shopping or...

Thank you Dadka!

The 12th of July was a special day. Why so? Because some of the church members, especially those who were involved with YNOTT and Jaffa Club and ...Act 4 of course, organised a special event for Dadka!


We all know that her time with us comes to an end in August, which very sad...

Goodbye and See you again!

Goodbye and See you again!

Okay Act 4 - this is it. My time in this office is almost officially over. It has been wonderful. Thank you so much for this year. I have had an amazing time, I have learnt so much not just about the English culture or the language, but about...

Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera. Action!

Last week, Dadka and I went up to Shropshire, because Act 4 supported the Shrewsbury United Reformed Church in delivering their summer holiday club 2015.

This year’s programme was inspired by Noel Chavasse and allowed us to explore the...