Goodbye and See you again!

Goodbye and See you again!

Okay Act 4 - this is it. My time in this office is almost officially over. It has been wonderful. Thank you so much for this year. I have had an amazing time, I have learnt so much not just about the English culture or the language, but about...

Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera. Action!

Last week, Dadka and I went up to Shropshire, because Act 4 supported the Shrewsbury United Reformed Church in delivering their summer holiday club 2015.

This year’s programme was inspired by Noel Chavasse and allowed us to explore the...

Our last Messy Church

Our last Messy Church

Yes, it is true. We have had our last Messy Church session. And it even was the last thing Johann ever did as an official Act 4 volunteer!

We had a lovely time with quite a crowd of people (we didn’t do a head count, but I think we had around...

An Emotional Week

An Emotional Week

I am not going to lie to you - saying goodbye is hard. Especially, if you have to say goodbye to the last school, and with that to performing assemblies. It is so weird. For almost 11 months, this was all we did (well, not all, but a great deal of what...

A busy week!

A busy week!

Even though this comes a bit late, here is the blog post about the last week!

Last week was a full on week, that actually started on Sunday.

Johann and I performed our assembly at the service of the URC in Potters Bar, although it was in a...

YNOTT's Outdoor Cinema

As the summer slowly settles in this beautiful country, we seem to have more and more outdoor activities happening everywhere we work. So to keep up with everyone, YNOTT has some of its own outdoor activities in plan! Though this half term began 2 weeks ago, we already had two outdoor activities...

A pleasant surprise!

First week into the new (and sadly last) summer half term and Westcott Primary School surprised us yet again!

You know how people seek for happiness in their lives, but often get it wrong by thinking that in order to be happy one must be for example rich? Well...being rich is not a...

Summer is here!

You know it is summer when you suddenly realise you don’t have that much time for your own little projects cause England is alive! And when I say this, I say it with joy in my heart, cause I love it when suddenly things start to be...alive! :P

So what about Act4 Aylesbury? Do we have a...

Who said office work was boring?!

Who said office work was boring?

Well… I said that. And it is true. Kind of. Don’t get me wrong – to spend a whole week (except two hours on Wednesday morning) in the office means that I get loads done – basically everything, that has waited for me to finally have some...