Act 4 Supporters Event 2015!

On Saturday, 13th June we had a great Supporters Event!

About 30 of the Act 4 supporters from Potters Bar, London and Aylesbury turned up to get more information and updates of our Charity.

First, after we all introduced ourselves, Elise and Johann performed their last...

Starting to say Goodbye.

Starting to say goodbye

It is true. We have started to say goodbye to schools. And it is hard. So hard. We have been to three different schools this week, to perform our last assembly and to say our goodbyes to them. Cranborne School was really nice to thank us with...

Potters Bar Carnival 2015!

The annual Potters Bar Carnival 

Sunburn, a freckles invasion and really, really tired but happy – that was the state most of us were in after the annual Potters Bar Carnival last Sunday. The weather was just amazing – the warmest day of the year with sunshine and not a...

One last time.

The last rehearsing week is over!

Time is flying just now! Last week it was half term, so this week we were back in the office and back to rehearsing the new assembly, which is also our last assembly! Unbelievable! But the rehearsing has been so great, we all feel that we...

The last week of half term 5

The last week of this half term is over!

I can’t believe it!

This term has gone so quickly! (well, in its defense, it was the shortest of all the half terms, but still…)

This last week of half term, we had our last assembly

(which we didn’t think would be our last...

Reaching out!

The Act 4 Showcase in Aylesbury

4 months into the Act 4 Aylesbury project. “How can we reach out more efficiently?” was the question that Dadka and myself were asking ourselves. “How could we bring Act 4 closer to schools, churches?”

After a longer silence…”...

An Exceptional Assembly!

Our Experience in Westcott Church of England Primary School

“Is it worth it?” – I bet everyone knows too well this question. Guess what, volunteers who decide to spend several months, even a year, away from home, family and friends stumble upon this question not just once...

Something different

Today, we are going to try something different:

Sam S.,  Johann and I have got exactly three words to describe the week that has past!

Sam S.: busy, manic and informative.

Johann: Jonny Depp, favourite Assembly and piano.

Elise: messy (church), tiring and lovely....

Another week has gone!

This week, we have started to perform our assembly in the different schools around Hertfordshire.

We even got the chance to perform in a complete new school, where Act 4 has never been before! 

It was a strange feeling, because normally when we go into a new school,