Stations of the cross - St Mary's Primary School Aylesbury

Every Thursday Reverend Anthony Howells leads the assembly in St. Mary´s Primary School in Fairford Leys, Aylesbury. It is a creative assembly which is always connected to a biblical theme.

The 26th of March assembly was dedicated to the stations of the cross and the Act 4...

Act 4 Aylesbury Sunday Service

As you already know, Act4 Aylesbury officially started its activity at the beginning of January and since we’ve been through a lot of things, developing quickly a tight relationship with our Church on Fairford Leys. It is so good to know that we have the church community’s support.


YNOTT Open to all event!

The YNOTT group is the youth club of the Church on Fairford Leys that runs every Sunday at 18:30. Young people aged 11+ together with members of the Church of Fairford Leys and Act4 Team Aylesbury spend nice evenings in our newly refurbished church. It is a mixture of fun, nice people, crafts,...

YNOTT 6 week Lent challange!

It looks complicated, no?

But it really isn’t. Once you look back and see the materialised result of this, all one can do is be amazed of what we have achieved together.

That is right, YNOTT, the youth club of the Church on Fairford Leys is proud to announce that we have managed to...

Act 4's new volunteers in Aylesbury

Hello everyone,

I am Dagmara Fukasová – Dadka, as my friends and family call me at home.

When speaking about home, mine is in the North of mountainous Slovakia. The country of dumplings with sheep cheese which is our traditional food, and which comes from Romanian shepherds (...

This week had everything!

This week had everything!

We had some cancellations, deadlines, assemblies, writing, composing and Easter preparations!

The week started for Johann and I with a really nice Monday, because not only did we get to perform at our favourite school (it is only our favourite, because a...

Mother's Day preparation and thinking about cake!

Week 2 of the Assemblies is almost over and we are still trying to figure out, when we need to make the videos louder and when we need to turn them down (what may sound easy, can indeed be quite hard – especially if the school halls are all different sizes and the video itself is sometimes...

Mother’s Day and an Easter-Spring-celebration!

Mother’s Day is not a church festival like Easter or Christmas.

Than why did we choose to focus on Mother’s Day with our March Messy Church session?

Well – even if Mother’s Day can not be found in the Bible itself, mothers still play a big role in the Bible. And not just that – the...

Sunshine and World Book Day!

Another week has past here in surprisingly sunny Hertfordshire and the month of March has begun.

Not just the Potters Bar team, Johann and Elise, started this week with round four of their assemblies, but also the team in Aylesbury, Beatrice and Dadka, have started to perform their first...

Forgiveness, the new assembly!

The half term break is officially over, which means that Johann and I are back to work!

(Although our half term finished a few days early – we were at the Potters Bar Musicians Day and performed our assembly “happiness” there. Why? Because the Potters Bar Musicians Day was about the topic...