Mother’s Day and an Easter-Spring-celebration!

Mother’s Day is not a church festival like Easter or Christmas.

Than why did we choose to focus on Mother’s Day with our March Messy Church session?

Well – even if Mother’s Day can not be found in the Bible itself, mothers still play a big role in the Bible. And not just that – the...

A piece of cake!

Do you enjoy drama, singing, awesome crafts and performing in front of other people?

Then join the Act 4 Team at the United Reformed Church Potters Bar on three Sundays in March!

Dates : 8th, 15th and 22nd March

Time : 11am - 12 noon


Sunshine and World Book Day!

Another week has past here in surprisingly sunny Hertfordshire and the month of March has begun.

Not just the Potters Bar team, Johann and Elise, started this week with round four of their assemblies, but also the team in Aylesbury, Beatrice and Dadka, have started to perform their first...

Forgiveness, the new assembly!

The half term break is officially over, which means that Johann and I are back to work!

(Although our half term finished a few days early – we were at the Potters Bar Musicians Day and performed our assembly “happiness” there. Why? Because the Potters Bar Musicians Day was about the topic...

A day in the life of an Act 4 volunteer...

“What are you actually doing?” – that is a question that we got to hear from all our friends and family members, once we started to work with Act 4. And it is a very good question. Because it is not so easy to explain to foreigners what our work here is actually about. It is complex and...

A new volunteer in Aylesbury!

Who would have thought that I’ll ever be a volunteer in UK? Maybe my friends and family, who know me well and wouldn’t find it an impossibility for me to get such a chance, but to be honest, I myself didn’t really believe such a chance would ever turn out. Yet, here I am for almost a month now...

What makes you really happy?

“What makes you really happy?”

Is it a lot of chocolate, playing on the x-box, or even staying up all night?!

This is the question, we ask the children at the start of every assembly.

But they often answer very different things: “Playing with friends" and "being together...

New Year's Messy Church!

On the 13th January was it once again time for us to say “Welcome to Messy Church!”

Even though we were all a bit pessimistic about the whole event  (we didn’t really think that anybody would come, since the new year had just started and everyone was still trying to get into...

A visit to Parliament

Speaking in the Houses of Parliament - this does not happen everyday!



On Monday 12th January I was invited to speak to the All Parliamentary Group for Children. This invitiation followed from some work I am doing with the Centre of Excellence for Social Learning, which...

St. Nicolas came to Messy Church!

On the 9th of December was it once again time for our Messy Church, this time with the theme of “St. Nicolaus”.

St. Nicolaus (or St. Nicolas) is a tradition in Germany and the Netherlands. On the evening of the 5th of December, children in both Germany and the...