'Follow the star' Christmas event!

Are you creative? Do you enjoy acting, singing or dancing? Then you might be just who we need to help us put together a performance during the Christmas Carol Service at the Potters Bar United Reformed Church in a day!

The event will include arts and crafts, as well as drama and singing!...


Help Act 4 - just by shopping online!

Dear Supporter,

Did you know... You can now help ACT 4 - just by shopping online. This is no gimmick and is a reputable organisation that can help our work.

Thousands of stores will donate to us a percentage of every pound you spend online when you shop with Give as...


Lantern Walk at Messy Church!

To create their own Lanterns, to do a Lantern Walk, to sing Lantern Songs.. for German children these are annual events! Every autumn, children all across Germany are getting excited and looking forward to their lantern parades!

On the other hand, English children are not familiar with St...

Children's work at a Church Weekend Away!

I must confess, I was terrified of going to the weekend away on Friday (The weekend away took place at a Christian convention centre near Telford, somewhere in the middle of nowhere). However, this feeling lasted for approximately 25 minutes, because then I met the first children that I would be...

Assemblies - what an experience!

You stand in a hall. Behind you your screen and your painted background, in front of you 200 pairs of eyes looking at you with this glace that is excitement and hope, that the following will be fun.

The music stops, you stand in the middle of the stage, smiling, hoping that they won’t...

What a Theme!

It is a new school year and that means a new theme.

I Have a Dream: Inspried by Martin Luther King Jr's 'I have a dream' speech we are setting out on a jounrey to explore 'potential', 'equality', '...



We have arrived!

We are Elise and Johann (we are both from Germany) and we are here as the new Time to Act team in Potters Bar this year. So far we have been practicing, practicing, practicing for our first assemblies, as well as getting to find out more about the community...

I have a dream...

Last week Act 4 supported Shrewsbury United Reformed Church in delivering a summer holiday club. 

The programme was inspired by Martin Luther King Jr's speech 'I have a dream' and allowed us to explore the...

The bible in less than 5 minutes!

Over the last three Sundays we have been testing out a new church based project that takes themes from our assemblies and unpacks them in a bit more detail. 

The idea is to offer a new way to engage children in church, as we use a range of Act 4's creative and innovative ideas. 


NOT cutting down trees!

Hi there!

Although I know that my time with Act 4 is going to end soon, I have been filled with so much hope, by learning that all of us, no matter what ages or abilities, can make a difference!!

During the last couple of weeks we’ve been trying to show this through a special blog...